Seeing Ourselves in Perspective from another Hubble!!

November 20, 2008

                                  If I am to believe Darwin —the man that looked into the seeds of lost aeons and came up with the theory of Evolution—Homo Sapiens started his long evolutionary saga somewhere in the scorchingly hot Faiyum Depression in hot Egypt 33 million years ago approximately.

                                 And this  small, aquamarine ,squashed orange-shaped planet  has been wobblingly going round one of the the smallest stars all these aeons without many for arguments’sake,perceptible changes,except that it cooled adequately for us to be ble to live.

                                  Man went through many subtle engineering changes and kaizen improvements in his dimensions and appearance  on an ongoing basis until at last he looked different from his arboreal simian ancestors.Then he multiplied before migrating to all the countries on the  landmasses of the world.

                                 He began with a sense of wonder aboutthis mysterious universe anr the planet itself that sprang surprises on him with irregular regularity inthe form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,freak floods,thundershowers, unknown wild beasts, tree falls, landslides, avalanches and wildfires.these challenges to his very existence not only drenalized him to face similar challenges inthe futiure with impunity but also made him stronger by the day with more fibrous biceps,triceps,deltoids,laterals and calf muscles.What I am attempting to pinpoint here ,dear WordPress reader mine,is that it ws becuse of these challenges that modern man is wht he is today.those simian colleagues of his on the tgreetops ,having no challenges at all in front of them, never grew up never developed tgheir brains,never developed immunity to weather  vagaries, temperature fluctuations,and continued to multiply just like their ancestors.But we did that is the million-dollar difference.

                         What are we?Let’s take a hard unemotional look from another imaginary mental Hubble out in space!.We are deviant monkeys–forlorn bipeds –surviving on a lone planet,the third from the sun,which is itself one of the smallest stars  and surrounded by faithful planets and asteroids  and what else not.And our lives never normally cross 100 years!!

                        The solar system itself is in one lone corner of a galaxy called the Milky Way euphemistically enough,but which is like a two bladed fan.the Milky Way,almost at one of which we and our solar system happen to be,contains 13000 trillion stars,each bigger or smaller than the sun.It is one hundred thousand light years long from one end to the other.In its heart it is 65000 light years wideor thick. (One light year is 186000x 60x60x24x365 kms).Our solar system is 27000 light years away from the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.All the stars that ournaked eyes or the hubble can see are huddled together in one small corner of this huge space.

                               Are you already shocked out of your senses by now,my  dear WordPress reader?nay,the Milky Way Galaxy itself ius rotating on its axis!.The sun ,along with this solar system of ours piggybacking on it on a horizontal plane  is taking 200 million years to revolve once around this galaxy.There is a Black Hole int he heart of this Milky Way Galaxy that is 4.1 million times larger than our sun.that dangerous BlackHole occurs near the Sagittarius constellation.

                     Like the Book of Fate,this heart of the galaxy lies meticulously hidden from our view with invisible but camouflageing clouds galore!!

                               And here we see Man strutting and fretting his allocated hour upon the stage and then being heard no more!!

                                I call my blogs here LifeBounceBacksA-Z  with a reason as you will easily understand now inthe light of what I have alrseady said to is because on the one hand I can touch upon alltopics undetr the sun and stars–a wide canvas –and on the other these blogs are my studied reflections upon what I have seen and heard hitherto in my 60 odd years on this planet!!

                             As Robert Browining tartly  remarked about his poetry  to a layman that told him that his poetry could not be easily understood,I canalso say to you,”Well, my blogs are not a substitute for a game of dominoes or a cigar!!”

  •                                      With malice towards none, and charity for all do I compose my blogs for your edification and enlightenment about
  • life in India
  • day to day existence in this Kerala State
  •  about my micro community called Wariyars
  •  about my family ,
  • the emotional roller coasters of siblings,
  • the fragility of human relationships and ways to strengthen them,
  • the kids in oeril in this world,
  • over-exploited but ill-understood womenfolk,
  • familial harmony/disharmony,
  • occupational hazards seenhere,
  • food habits,
  • ethnic recipes,
  • the necessity for accepting change as natural if not change as n election shibboleth,
  • generation gap,
  • challenges awaiting mankind down the road tothenext century
  •  regional varieties of English playing obscurantists to intelligibility       etc.

This blog only starts my snowmobile off to a good start with your blessings and permission,dear readers!.I shall pick up speed only within a few hours!! You may recommedn this blog to all members of your own families since I NEVER wallow in the mudy marshes of porn,nor hint at unbeknown evils.I look b ack onmylife and life aroundme tghrough each blog-telescope and see myself as a miniscule speck of protoplasm in a vast universe!!

                        My focus here was just to pep up YOUR personal and national morale,dear reader mine,wherever you happen to be!!What with the dark tan clouds of a looming Recession from our Atlantic horizon,it is natural for anyone to\get a little depressed all of a sudden .

                       And then I wished to console all of us together —-ourselves as one Mankind Unit– that we have the resilience to survive such a challenge also since we have made risk-taking a racial habit all through our evolution!!may be we must change our lifestyles a bit, minimize our luxuries, take care of our health a little more, boost one another’s confidence a few more times a day.pray to our Almighty daily and hug our kids to osmotically convey some of  confidence to them.

                      Bye for now.Take Care of yourself.

                     Make this blog a habit please since I compose my blogs immediately on I return after my 12 km morning walk here at 5.30 hrs after GMT.That means 10 hours earlier than my time here.You in the US may be able to read my next predawn blog before you go to bed,right?

                    Let me wish you all the very best!!!.Hug your kids and wife today,just to give them a morale pep-up!!

Love   SADABOY india.



Never Underestimate the Sama Varmas!!

November 26, 2008

                                                                       One of the mysteries that amazes many foreign tourists flocking to interesting places in India is how they lifted a monolithic boulder, weighing 81 tonnes(to be precise 81284 kilograms)carved to perfection with figurines of gods and goddesses  all  around, was lifted 500 feet up to the top of the Brihadeeswar(=Huge God) Temple in Tanjore,Tamil nadu. How was it possible in the olden days without any modern equipment to lift it up to such a height?That too by Tamilian masons  or laboureres without any college education at all?

                                                                     This in the light of the general assumption inthe West that the çontribution of Indians to the world of mathematics was not earth shattering by any means in significance.

                                                                      This mystery disproves that baseless belief becuse an ecellent mastery of geometry is indispensab.le for doing this feat .An extension of themethod  the Egyptians adopted to transport 2.5 ton bricks from the Nile River banks at Aswan to the Saharan sands sites of the pyramids at Luxor.

                                                                    Sama Varma w the Sthapathi or the chief architect of the Temple at Tanjore.He lived 6.44 kilometres away from the site of the Temple Complex.So he drew a line on his rudimentary map/ plan  from his home premises to the top of the Temple about to be built .An Inclined Plane really.At 0.54 degrees,it reached a point 500 feet above the groundlevel.He must have understood that a system  tied up at its centre tightly  with a rope ,which pulls the system up,should be invariably parallel to the inclined plane  at all times  fromthe starting point to the finishing point for smooth movement.That is the modern Theory of Friction for you dear WP friend!!Thus the architect ensured that the external force acting on the system makes an angle zero with the inclined plane as such.When the angle of external force is zero it becomes easier to pull the system up.

                                                                     To minimise the friction still further,he suggested using fine sand for the inclined plane.He must have multiplied 81284 by sin 0.54 and thus calculated that 766.07N/meter  square force would be needed to move the stone, as big as a temple in itself.How he arrived at this exact figure without the prescribed formula for the same we do not have records to show. Thus the stone was put in its place without any cement or binding agent at all.By its sheer weight it would challenge any gale or storm.

                                                                      That is how the stone sits there even tothisday.You must see it to believe it.It is placed in such a way that no shadow of the temple from the sun above  falls outside the perimeter of the Temple at any time,come vernal or winter equinox.A few million tons of granite must have gone into building it.

                                                                       Sama Varma never kept any documentation for himself.Every calculation he made was in his mind.So he did not get the credit for the  Theory of Friction.

                                                                      Today other Indian Sama Varmas calculate the trajectory of space shuttles at the NASA Centre,and banking calculations and  banking trends too in bank cubicles.Indian techology graduates are universally acknowledged to be e the best in their own abstract technical fields.However, unlike their  Western counterpoarts, they are a happy go lucky lot of Sama Varmas with their rooms aclutter in sixes and sevens and a carefree lifestyle.They may also never keep any records.

                                                                           Never ,for your dear life ,dear my WordPress readers,underestimate the Sama Varmas from this country,molten gold that they are!!


Hello world!

November 20, 2008

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